Beatles Tribute

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Why is Toppermost the Best Beatles Tribute?

Appearance- 5 sets of costumes throughout the Beatles career from early to later years. 

Sound- The best voices in the country and we use only authentic equipment.

Price- We are not run by an agency so we can negotiate and will beat the price of any other authentic Beatles tribute in the area. 

With so many shows per year you can't go wrong with Toppermost!

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Want everyone to see this- I posted this on your public website but I'm so very impressed with Toppermost I'm compelled to post it here as well:

"My guy and I went to the Rain concert last night at the Fox Theater. It was spectacular. I have to say.... I think your band sounds better in every way! Bravo Toppermost!! Your "Paul" is a lot more like the "man" himself as far as humor/talk and your "John" is dead on for looks with the real John (he even plays his guitar precisely like Mr. Lennon). We've seen a lot of Beatle tribute bands but yours is the best by far. Even better than Rain. Just had to tell you.

View an entire concert below.

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